Welcome to My Circus

24. April 2016 intro 0
Welcome to My Circus

I’ve always referred to my clan as the “circus” because everywhere we go, even if it’s just the front yard, it feels like we are a troupe of clowns getting out of a clown car.  And somehow I unknowingly signed up to be the ringleader.

Some days I feel like I am riding a unicycle across a tightrope avoiding The Flame Thrower (my 3 year old). Add in the sideshows of The Man on Stilts (the husband), The Lion Tamer (the oldest daughter), The Human Cannonball (the middle child), The Sword Swallower (a Golden Retriever puppy) and The Trapeze Artist (a year old cat), and we are truly a spectacle.

Thankfully, most days I just feel like an entertainer at the fun house.  On any day, though, it’s a balancing act and at the end of the day, there always seem to be crazy tales to share.

So, get your popcorn and cotton candy, and come along for the ride!


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